How to Avoid Excess Baggage Charges

Travelling lightly isn’t always the best option, and being struck with additional fees at the airport can be a serious setback. Luckily, Shipporter can now transport your personal effects back

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How to Take Advantage of Black Friday in Australia

U.S. Black Friday in Australia Have you heard whispers about the infamous Black Friday? The rumours are true- it’s just around the corner, and it’s bound to save you a

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Shipporter & Jonathan Adler: The Latest Dream Team!

At Shipporter, we take pride in developing relationships with our partner companies so it creates positive outcomes for our loyal customer base. Our latest endeavour is the expansion in our

Read More to block Australian shoppers due to GST law changes. Think again…

How to buy on Amazon US from Australia Resourceful Australian online shoppers will no doubt find ways to overcome this issue. Our US based assisted buyer has been working with

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Introducing Travel + Shop + Ship Shipporter's Solution to Shopping Abroad

How to avoid excess baggage fees when shopping abroad Shipporter enables you to buy and ship goods while you’re travelling like never before! Travel and shop with ease, and don’t

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Grumpy’s Metal Shipping from USA to Australia with Shipporter

Based in Southern California, Grumpy’s Metal is a sheet metal shop that specialises in producing parts for Volkswagen restorations, especially Kombi’s. With over 20 years’ experience, they make all their

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Customer Success Story: Hugh’s 1968 Ford Mustang GT

Example of how Hugh’s 1968 Ford Mustang GT could look when finished. Shipping car parts can often be challenging for both retailers and customers; creating unnecessary hassle and making some

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Sears USA Now Shipping to Australia

United States department store chain, Sears, is now offering its products to Australian consumers online. The retail conglomerate behind the American Kmart, Wallmart, JC Penny, and Lowes have announced they

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Take advantage of the strong Australian Dollar in Q1 2018

It’s easy to baulk at the idea of buying goods from the United States or United Kingdom due to the perceived high costs that are involved, but current trends would

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Customer Success Story: Shipping Car Parts from the USA to Australia

Our long-time customer – Michael – from Dicky Beach in Queensland, was looking online for parts to restore his Chevrolet Suburban.  With Shipporter’s help, Michael was able to source the

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