U.S. Black Friday in Australia

Have you heard whispers about the infamous Black Friday? The rumours are true- it’s just around the corner, and it’s bound to save you a tonne of cash!

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Despite what the name suggests, Black Friday is one of the brightest days of the year for savvy shoppers.  Hungry for a bargain or a satisfying markdown, shoppers across the United States open their wallets and step up their game as they prepare for the biggest shopping event of the year.

When exactly is Black Friday? It falls on the Friday following the US Thanksgiving, and runs similarly to Boxing Day sales. In 2018, it will take place on the 23rd November (don’t forget about the time zones when buying online!).

While Black Friday sales were exclusive to Americans in the past, the world of online shopping has changed this. The good news is Black Friday is no longer a spectator sport for Australians! In fact, we’ve got a way for you to score some Black Friday deals without having to step foot in a store. Most retailers are on board with the modern way to shop, and will extend their sales across their online stores. This has opened up the playing field for international buyers, just like you!

Black Friday in Australia

Black Friday is the best chance for you to save money when shopping online! If you’ve had your eye on an item in the US, you could be in for some serious savings if you wait and decide to buy on November 23.

Our distance from the chaos could even prove to be advantageous. The shopping event is renowned for its massive crowds and shopper’s rage. Participating in the sales online is not only more convenient and comfortable, but it’s also a lot safer! You’ll also find some special deals that are only available online.

Don’t miss out and risk disappointment when prices return to normal post sales!

What Should I Buy?

Black Friday Sales are a great time to buy larger, high ticket items. Shopping guides across the States recommend purchasing items such as appliances, electronics and home wares. All of which you can ship straight to your door using Shipporter’s services!

Major department stores in the US are said to slash prices by up to 40%-50% on kitchen appliances, electronics and furniture, including boutique brands you won’t find on shelves in Australia.

Team up with Shipporter & score the best deals!

With the help of Shipporter, you can buy big from Australia on Black Friday and receive your items hassle free.

The process is easy:

  1.  Sign up for your FREE mailing address in the US (CA or NJ)
  2. Have your items delivered to the mailing address upon purchasing
  3. We will invoice you via PayPal for the international shipping once the shipment arrives at the warehouse (you can check the shipping cost using our calculator)
  4. We take over until the shipment arrives at your door


The savings don’t stop at the merchant check out. You’ll save on shipping by choosing Shipporter rather than express air freight, plus you can purchase from stores that don’t deliver to Australia. Our rate is inclusive of ocean freight charges, customs clearance and delivery. There are no hidden charges!

If you want to ship your goods safely and cost-effectively, you don’t need your purchases immediately and you’re ready to strike gold this Black Friday, our door to door international shipping is your answer.

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