Shipping from the USA, Europe, United Kingdom & China to Australia, Singapore & New Zealand is now so much easier!
We can ship almost anything from USA, China, UK or Europe - provided it fits in a shipping container.

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If you seek a reliable shipper to transport your goods from Australia to PNG & the Pacific Islands, your quest ends at We only get your goods across the ocean, but also get them there safely, securely and within time.

With more than 15 years experience in the shipping industry, we know what it takes to ship your goods without causing any kind of damage to them. We also understand what it takes to limit cost of shipping. When you work with us, you can expect the best of all worlds – affordability, safety and peace of mind.

The scope of our services
The boom in e-commerce has been great for the consumer community. You can now purchase amazing goods of the highest quality from across the Pacific without waiting for products to be released locally. Several great products available from the US are never released in Australia.

Now, you don’t have to compromise on your requirements. Order whatever good you want, including the heavy and bulky ones, and we’ll see to it that the product reaches you safely.

Why us?

  1. Our services are convenient, easy to use and extremely reliable
  2. We deliver goods to your doorstep
  3. We ship goods of all sizes and shapes, provided they are not restricted or illegal
  4. We ship goods from e-stores that do not offer international shipping
  5. Our services are customised to be cost effective
  6. We provide a simple to use Online Shipping Calculator that gives you an estimate of cumulative shipping costs

The cost of international shipping is increasing by the day. Many small businesses that do not ship full container loads from their overseas suppliers end up paying high prices. You don’t have to bear unreasonable costs now. Shipporters provides cost effective shipping for small loads as well.

Contact us for more details about our shipping services. We would be happy to work out a customised package to suit your requirements.

California Sales Tax

When you’re placing an order with a US supplier/seller for delivery into our Los Angeles depot typically the supplier/seller will add CA sales tax to its invoice. For large/high value orders the sales tax can be substantial however we can assist you to claim a refund of the CA sales tax from the supplier. The supplier will require documentary proof of export (which we will provide) which you forward to the supplier to claim the refund.

The process is manual and can take a few weeks to complete however it is worthwhile and can often make the purchase viable. Shipporter only provides the proof of export documentation – we are not involved in the refund process or communication with the supplier/seller.

For further information please Contact Us