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Shipping is often the major consideration when purchasing online from international websites. International Shipping can be challenging for both retail & business customers but it doesn’t have to be. Most online retailers only offer international shipping by air which can make purchases unviable, so it’s worth taking the time to research alternative shipping options by sea if you’ve got the time to wait. Shipporter is a reputable shipping service based in Australia catering to customers who are purchasing retail or commercial goods from US, China, Europe and the UK.

Bulky Items

Shipporter can handle just about any order no matter the size or weight. If it fits in a shipping container, we can handle it.

Low Cost

Finally, you can shop worldwide without having to pay an excessive price for shipping. Shipporter can deliver items purchased in the USA, Europe, United Kingdom and even China.

Easy to Use

We deliver regular services with simple, fixed-rate shipping including customs clearance and delivery to any postcode in Australia, Singapore, or New Zealand.

Why use Shipporter?

  • The products are not available in Australia.
  • Some merchants/suppliers do not allow shipping to Australia
  • The products are cheaper in the US, UK, Europe or China.
  • It is not cost effective to ship the products by air or post.
  • The products are too large or heavy to ship by air or post.

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