How It Works

1Find Your Items

Find items online that you would like to buy in the USA, UK, Europe, or China

2Get a Shopping Address

Use the shopping address when you process your order with the supplier

3Seller Delivers Item to Your Shopping Address

When seller delivers your order to the shopping address we’ll invoice you for the international shipping via PayPal

4Economy Delivery to You

Your order will then be placed into a shipping container shared among other Shipporter users. (Average transit time from the USA to East coast major cities in Australia is 4 to 5 weeks (from Los Angeles) or 7 to 8 weeks (from New York) and to West coast and country slightly longer.)

5Clearing Customs

You will be notified once your item has landed in Australia. The duties and taxes will be charged to you once the goods arrive and the customs entry has been lodged by our customs department.

6To Your Door

Your order has then arrived! It’s as easy as that.

International economy delivery to your door​