How It Works

  • The Merchant delivers your order to the Shipporter export warehouse using existing domestic shipping methods and we take over the shipping, customs clearance and delivery to your door.
  • You can shop at any online Merchants store however if the Merchant offers free domestic shipping you will save money,
  • Shipporter uses ocean freight so it takes longer than the express delivery shipping options usually offered by online stores. Average transit time from the USA to East coast major cities in Australia is 4 to 5 weeks (from Los Angeles) or 7 to 8 weeks (from New York) and to West coast and country slightly longer.
  • When your order reaches our export warehouse you can track it online at our website.
  • You can ship almost anything with Shipporter provided it fits in a sea freight container. Please refer to the FAQ’s section of the website for additional information on what is suitable for Shipporter service.
  • Use the Shipporter online Calculator to get an instant quote to ship the item you want to buy. You can also get an estimate of the Government Duties & Taxes instantly – online and we also give you a Landed Cost Estimate so you can compare apples with apples before you purchase the item overseas.
  • The Shipporter shipping rate includes: ocean freight charges, customs clearance at destination, delivery to your door - there are no hidden charges. Government duties, taxes & quarantine fees (if applicable on import) are not included in the shipping rate.
  • You can pay the Shipporter shipping charges to the Merchant when it processes your order or you can elect to pay the shipping charges direct to Shipporter. The duties and taxes will be charged to you once the goods arrive and the customs entry has been lodged by our customs department.
  • More Shipporter Merchants are joining every day however if the Merchant you want to buy from does not currently support Shipporter you can use our "assisted buying" function and we'll buy the product for you and ship it with Shipporter.
  • Shipporter can handle bulky/heavy items which, until now, were not available to you. We also provide an extremely cost effective shipping alternative for small items when you are not in a hurry.
  • Shop in the USA for summer when its’ winter in Australia! Buy next summer’s goods in the USA and ship them cost effectively in time for the Australian summer.
  • Why pay express shipping rates when you don’t need the stuff immediately? Spend the money you save on shipping with Shipporter on more stuff!
  • Insurance is optional and rates are available on request
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