Travelling lightly isn’t always the best option, and being struck with additional fees at the airport can be a serious setback. Luckily, Shipporter can now transport your personal effects back to Australia at an affordable price!

Don’t be limited on your travels by the burden of luggage costs. Whether you’ve set off on a short term adventure holiday, or you’ve spent time abroad working or studying, keep the equipment that’s made every moment memorable! You can now send personal items including bikes, surfboards, skis, snowboards and more back to Australia, without paying excess or oversize luggage costs.

Shipping personal effects from USA, Europe or UK is now straightforward and affordable with our step-by-step process.

Read on below:

Avoid Excess Baggage Fees - Shipporter International Shipping


Step 1: Prepare shipment

Firstly, check the shipping rate from your location with our shipping calculator tool and register for your mailing address with Shipporter online. Once you’ve confirmed your mailing address, clearly label all pieces of luggage and prepare them for shipment.

Once your personal items are ready to go, organise shipment to your registered mailing address with a local courier.

Step 2: Print & complete paperwork

Next, download the Australian Customs Personal Effects declaration, and complete the form to the best of your ability, answering all questions truthfully.

Please do not complete – ‘How my personal effects will arrive’ and ‘Clearing your personal effects’. These two sections are for us to fill out!

Once completed, email the PE declaration and a copy of your passport (photo page only) to You can use your name or mailing address as the reference.

ACPE declaration form:

Step 3: Track & receive

Once your shipment has arrived at the mailing address, we’ll email you an invoice for the international shipping, which you can make payment for via PayPal.

We’ll send through all the details you need to track your shipment online, and you will also receive status updates via email.

We’ll contact you directly to confirm the delivery schedule once your shipment arrives in Australia and has successfully cleared Customs and Quarantine.

Your shipment will be delivered straight to your door!


Avoid stress at the airport and travel within airline luggage limits. Shipporter will ensure your items are returned to Australia safely!

If you have additional questions regarding the shipment process or rates, check out our FAQs page or contact our team directly today! If you require assistance with determining your shipping rate, send us an email including the details of your shipment.