US Mailing Address - Shipporter

Will I qualify for a free mailing address?

If you’re an Australian who is looking to buy from a US, UK or European store that accepts Australian credit cards, Eftpos or PayPal payments, we can set up a free mailing address for you in the region you require.

How can I ship using a free US, UK or European shipping address?

The process is easy. Simply register for a free mailing address in USA, UK or Europe on our website using our easy-to-use form.

Once you’ve received confirmation from us, find the item you want to purchase, add it to your shopping cart, make the payment, and ask the online store to ship to the US, UK or European address we provide you.

If you need a quote for the international shipping costs before you order, please send details of your shipment to:

Can I purchase items from different online retailers and ship in one delivery?

Shipporter is unable to consolidate orders from different suppliers into the one shipment, as this contravenes Australian customs law. If you would like to ship multiple items from multiple retailers, you will need to use our assisted buying service.

What happens if a supplier or merchant will not accept an Australian payment method?

You will need to use our assisted buying service. Contact Shipporter to arrange for someone to make the purchase on your behalf. Each buying service provider operates independently and charges their own fees.