Turn a dream restoration project into a reality…

Everyone has a dream car. When you close your eyes you can feel the steering wheel and smell the leather interior. What if that dream could amount to more than just a presence in your imagination?

If you’ve been yearning to restore a timeless beauty or resurrect a classic, Shipporter may have the answer for you.

We can provide an opportunity for customers to source rare Volkswagen car parts and facilitate shipping from the USA to Australia.

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Bughaus- Trusted US partners

Whilst exploring in the US, Shipporter discovered and obtained a reliable partner who has a large selection of rare, sought after care parts that are difficult to find in Australia. Bughaus are an established car parts store in Tulsa, Oklahoma, who stock large volumes of rare car parts. From Beetles, to Combi buses, to Ghias, Bughaus has an impressive range of Volkswagen parts for early split screen models. The team of friendly staff are very knowledgeable, and offer excellent customer service for overseas buyers, or those simply looking to learn more. With Shipporter’s simple solution for shipping to Australia from the US, you can start that restoration project you’ve been dreaming of. The online store allows you to browse products (which are constantly updated!), to find the missing pieces you’ve been searching for.

Make it happen!

Once you’ve found what you need and placed an order with Bughaus, Shipporter are your specialists in transporting the goods safely and efficiently to your door. By registering for a free US mailing address, Bughaus can ship the car parts domestically, and we can take care of the international shipping from the US to Australia. Shipping large, bulky items is often expensive and quite often impossible. With Shipporter it’s not only possible, but also affordable and reliable. We ship by sea, which is a longer process than airfreight, however, this simply gives you a little more time to plan your restoration project!

Shipporter are renowned international sea freight specialists. Join many other Australians who use our trusted service, and start reaping the rewards today!