Our long-time customer – Michael – from Dicky Beach in Queensland, was looking online for parts to restore his Chevrolet Suburban.  With Shipporter’s help, Michael was able to source the various car parts he needed from the USA to help complete his restoration.

Shipping Car Parts from USA to Australia - Customer Success Story - Michael

How Shipporter Helped

Shipporter aided Michael in receiving his auto parts delivery, processing the parts for export, the ocean freight to Queensland, and customs clearance. All documentation and port charges were also handled by us on both ends.

Using Shipporter’s simple to use online system, Michael received the engine, transmission, and various other interior and exterior components he needed for his Chevrolet restoration without any difficulties.

We were happy to help Michael receive exactly what he needed, stress-free, and are currently helping him to import new alloy wheels and tyres from other US based online retailers.

How Shipporter Can Help You

Shipping large or heavy items, such as auto parts from overseas, can be a complicated and difficult process. If you’re looking at shipping from the USA, or other international destinations, Shipporter offers the cheapest shipping for heavy items to Australia.

Shipporter is simple to use:

  1. Your heavy items are shipped to the US Shipporter warehouse using existing domestic shipping methods (1-5 days)
  2. We handle the ocean freight shipping to your desired destination in Australia (3-5 weeks)
  3. Once your items arrive, we organise customs clearance and delivery to your front door (2-7 days)

While this process does take some time, we ensure your delivery arrives safely to your door, at the lowest cost. Once your shipment arrives in our US warehouse, you will even be able to track its journey to your home.

Become another customer success story – let us help you receive your overseas shipments with ease! Shipporter also ships cost effectively from the UK and China.

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