We are regularly asked “does Amazon ship to Australia“?

Well the answer is yes and no – sometimes they’ll ship small stuff like books, DVD’s etc provided there’s no licensing infringement however if your order is for a heavy or bulky item such as a BBQ, furniture, gym equipment or auto parts then the answer is probably “no”.

“Amazon Won’t Ship To Australia” – Shipporter Can Do It

That’s where Shipporter can help. Shipporter is a sea courier service – like DHL, Fedex or UPS – only by sea so it’s slower. We handle all the shipping processes seamlessly and deliver the order to your door at any potscode in Australia. The process is as follows:

amazon won't ship to australia

  1. Change the shopping country on the Amazon website to USA
  2. Process your order as if you were an American
  3. Use Shipporter’s export warehouse as the US delivery address (Amazon will most likely offer free delivery)
  4. Check-out and pay for the purchase
  5. Email a copy of the Amazon order confirmation to Shipporter and confirm your Australian delivery address & daytime contact number
  6. When the order arrives at the export warehouse Shipporter will invoice you for the international shipping via PayPal so you can pay us securely
  7. If the order value exceeds the AUD$1000 threshold we’ll invoice the import duty, GST and other Government charges before the order is delivered

You’ll probably need a quote/estimate for the international shipping before you decide if the order is viable? Usually the Amazon website will provide an indication of the packed weight and dimensions for your order which you can then enter into our online shipping calculator.

If you need help with this please contact us today!

Happy shopping!