Shipping from USA to Australia

shipping from US to Australia

Australians are among the highest number of active online shoppers on the planet. Savvy shoppers know that you can purchase goods at cheaper prices in the US than in Australia – but how can you ship larger items cost effectively?

With Shipporter, Australian’s can easily access the US market. All that’s required from you, is to register for a free US mailing address through our website. By doing so, you can arrange shipping from the USA to Australia affordably, for almost any item that fits in a shipping container.

We ship by sea, which takes slightly longer than express freight, but the cost savings make shipping from the US to Australia possible – even if the retailer doesn’t normally ship to Australia. It is also a safe means of getting your purchase to your door in one piece, and makes it possible to ship very bulky items like car parts, furniture, gym equipment, and so on.

Shipporter also offers assisted buying, for situations where the merchant will not accept an Australian form of payment. Assisted buying allows you to shop through all merchants in the US, even those who aren’t linked with Shipporter. Through this function, we can facilitate the purchase for you and will take care of the shipping to Australia from the USA.

How do we get your order from USA to Australia?

Shipporter works like this:

  1. Your order is shipped from the retailer to the Shipporter export warehouse in the US, using existing domestic shipping methods (1-5 days)
  2. We look after the international ocean freight shipping from the USA (4-5 weeks from Los Angeles and 6-8 weeks from Brooklyn, to Australia)
  3. We arrange customs clearance and delivery right to your door (2-7 days)

In this way your items get safely to your door, at the lowest possible cost and without any documentation delays. As soon as it reaches our US warehouse, you can track it online until the moment it’s in your hands. We also offer an alternative shipping route from the US to Australia via Singapore.

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Shipporter is a proven and trusted international sea freight specialist. Our efficient international network ensures our customers receive their goods on time at the best possible value. That’s why many Australian businesses and individuals assign their shipping needs to us, again and again!

Shipping to Australia from the US is one of our core routes but we also specialise in low cost shipping from the UK and China.

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