Weber BBQ’s are sold in Australia through selected dealers and the retail price is set by the importer so the dealer is unable to negotiate – especially on the high end models. The price for a Weber BBQ in the USA is substantially lower – as much as half the Australian retail price – so it makes sense to purchase in the USA and ship to Australia.

Getting your Webber BBQ delivered to your door in 5 easy stepswebber bbq from usa to australia

  1. Select your preferred Weber retailer – most US online retailer will accept your Australian payment method
  2. Process your order on the retailers website and use the Shipporter export warehouse as the US domestic shipping address – use a retailer that offers free US domestic shipping
  3. Email a copy of the suppliers invoice/order confirmation to:
  4. We’ll process your order in the Shipporter system before the order arrives at the export warehouse
  5. When your order is checked in we’ll invoice you for the international shipping via PayPal

If the order value exceeds AUD$1000 you’ll pay GST however the total cost including shipping & GST is still substantially less than the cost to purchase the same BBQ locally. Weber BBQ”S are made in the USA so there’s no import duty.

Weber BBQ’s are sold by most of the major online retailers including Amazon & Home Depot so what’s holding you back? For more information, read our How It Works section!

Happy shopping!