Looking for a cost-effective and efficient way to shop from UK retailers?

Australians are often restricted when shopping from UK merchants due to shipping from the UK to Australia. However, by choosing to ship your purchase with an established ocean freight specialist, you can shop at UK retailers and avoid large shipping costs.

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With Shipporter, you can arrange reasonably priced shipping from the UK to Australia for virtually anything that fits into a shipping container. We regularly ship items including, and not limited to, car parts, furniture, large musical instruments, and gym equipment. It’s as simple as registering for a free UK mailing address on our website, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Shipping by sea does take a little longer than by airfreight, but the cost savings are so significant, customers are willing to wait a little longer to receive their goods. It also provides a way to purchase from retailers who generally don’t allow shipping to Australia from the UK.


Shipporter is a simple-to-use service:

  1. Once you confirm shipping arrangements, your order is shipped from the retailer to the Shipporter export warehouse in the UK, using existing domestic shipping methods (1-5 days)
  2. We look after the ocean freight shipping from the UK (6-7 weeks to Australia)
  3. We arrange customs clearance and delivery right to your door (2-7 days)

As soon as your purchase reaches our UK warehouse, you can track it online until the moment it arrives safely at your door. It’s the low cost and stress-free way to get your online UK purchases in your hands.


Now with even more ways to shop:

If you’re looking to shop with a retailer who is not associated with Shipporter, it’s now possible with our assisted buying service. Through assisted buying, Shipporter is able to purchase your goods for you, and facilitate shipping from the UK to Australia. This allows you to shop from any UK merchant, even those who do not accept international forms of payment. Shipporter will then take care of business the rest of the way, shipping your goods to Australia from the UK.

If you are looking for an economical and trusted way to ship goods you have bought from UK retailers to Australia, the Shipporter service is designed for you.

We have many return customers who trust us with all their overseas shipping requirements. While shipping to Australia from the UK is one of our core services, we also provide low cost shipping from the USA and China.

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