Cost Effective Shipping to New Zealand from Australia


Although Australia and New Zealand are located fair closely to each other in the grand scheme of things, shipping purchases from one to the other can be a logistical nightmare. The problem becomes even more profound when you try to ship larger goods – airfares can quickly get very expensive and make it almost not worth your while.

Shipporter have the solution.

Shipping From Australia to New Zealand - Shipporter

Purchase from ANY Australian Retailer and Ship to New Zealand


Expand your horizons and shop outside of New Zealand to find those special, otherwise unavailable products you’ve always wanted. The Shipporter mailing address service essentially lets you set up a delivery address in either Australia, USA, UK or Italy – or all of them!

While many retailers in these countries won’t ship all the way to NZ, by creating your own personal address there you can buy from any retailer in these countries (as long as you have a suitable payment method they are willing to accept). You simply ask the retailer(s) to ship your goods to the address we provide and Shipporter will take over once it arrives.

The service means you can buy goods at local prices in any of these countries – places where large ticket items can often be much cheaper, or where there is simply a larger range of products to choose from – and have them imported without having to pay extortionate fees.


Shipping Large Items From Australia to NZ


Our latest service offering means you can purchase large and bulky items in Australia, USA, UK or Italy and have them shipped to NZ or a fraction of the price of air freight. 

Using our free mailing address service, you can utilise our warehouse network to ship your items to us. From there Shipporter take over, clear customs for you and deliver your goods to your door. Learn more about how it works here.

Our policy is simple: if it will fit in a shipping container (and doesn’t break any import / export laws of either country), we’ll ship it.


Shipping Costs From Australia to New Zealand


Shipping products overseas doesn’t have to be expensive. Shipporter keep prices low by using sea freight. While this is slower than air freight, it is also a fraction of the price – we have used our calculator tool against others online to show that our shipping service can save you thousands of dollars versus air freight (we encourage you to try it!). The tool is very accurate, and as long as you know the dimensions and weight of the package, the price given will be what you pay (minus any customs fees if applicable). You can usually get the package details from the retailer, then simply plug them into the calculator for your free quote. Remember – it’s not just Australia and New Zealand we service, we can ship to and from locations all over the world!


Start Shipping Today


If you already know the products you’d like, you can get started today with your mailing address – it only takes a few minutes and is absolutely free!

Get started below. You can also read our FAQ section which has loads of useful information and answers most questions you might have. Feel free to contact us for more information – our team are happy to help you ship your goods.