importing from china to australia

Importing from China to Australia

To compete in our globalised economy, a growing number of small and medium Australian businesses are looking overseas to secure high quality products – including machinery parts, materials and consumables – for internal use or to distribute on the Australian market (for example via eBay).

Investing in new products or machinery parts can be costly in Australia, especially for a small to medium business. One of the most effective ways to cut down on costs while maintaining high quality is to source these products from Chinese wholesalers and import these materials to Australia.

The second barrier that businesses face when importing goods to Australia is how to obtain cheap international shipping. Often, international shipping can cost a small fortune. Here’s the secret to saving money: the most cost effective way to import wholesale products from China to Australia is to purchase a LCL shipment, also known as a less than container load shipment. How does LCL shipping work? It’s very straightforward: if your business has not purchased enough goods to fill a container, we will arrange for a consolidator to book your cargo, saving you money.

Cheap International Shipping with Shipporter

At Shipporter, we are renowned for our cheap international shipping and delivery. As part of our shipping package, we also offer insurance and customs clearance. What separates us from other international freight companies? We always provide a transparent fixed price at a flat rate. With Shipporter, you are guaranteed a known, fixed cost without fear of fluctuating prices. You can be sure that the first price you’re quoted is exactly what you will pay at the end.

We also offer online tracking to ensure you know the location of your shipment at all times. Finally, with secure payment via Paypal, we provide one of the safest methods of payment available, so you can be sure that you and your business are financially protected.

Enquire with Shipporter today to get a quote on importing from Chinese wholesalers. Alternatively, contact us to find out more about our cost-effective shipping services!