Importing from China to Resell on Ebay at a Profit

June 4, 2015 - Posted By shipporter

Importing from China to Australia

As the economy becomes increasingly globalised, more and more small and medium Australian businesses are looking to import stock from China to resell or distribute to Australian retailers at a profit. What many of these businesses don’t realise that they are being ripped off by freight forwarders who don’t disclose the full extent of the charges up front.

Sourcing products from overseas, especially China, to resell on Ebay can actually be highly profitable if you build the right ecommerce strategy. According to Ebay sales entrepreneur Neil Waterhouse, if you combine automation, optimised listings, and high margins with a smart procurement strategy, reselling products sourced from Chinese wholesalers on Ebay can net a 100 percent profit.

importing from china resell on ebay

But how do you import these products to Australia from China without cutting into your profit margins or getting charged extra import costs? If you’re looking to buy from China or overseas, we can help you import your stock at an affordable price.

Cheap International Shipping with Shipporter

Shipporter is the one stop shop for Australian businesses looking for cheap international shipping. As one of the most affordable international shipping companies, we provide cost-effective shipping with insurance, guaranteed customs clearance and timely delivery.

We’ve helped many businesses source products with less than container load (LCL) shipping. How does this work? Simple: if your business has not purchased enough goods to fill a fully loaded container, we can arrange for a consolidator to book your cargo so that you can enjoy the benefits of a cheaper cost. This type of shipment is called an LCL shipment.

All our prices are fixed price with a flat rate. This makes us unique and transparent compared to many other traditional freight forwarders, who often have a raft of different and variable charges that make it difficult to calculate an exact shipping rate up-front.

We also provide online tracking so you can be sure that your LCL shipment arrives safely. Nervous about dealing with an overseas wholesaler and want financial protection? We can facilitate payments via PayPal to ensure your financial details are secure and that you have buyer protection.

Enquire with Shipporter now to find out how we can help you import from China to Australia, or for more information on our cost effective LCL shipments and Ebay shipping containers.

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