The Shipporter Solution to Shipping from China to Australia

China is an Australian bargain hunter’s heaven. However, great prices and exceptional savings on purchases can be lost once the prices of shipping from China to Australia are considered.

Airfreight is expensive, however there are options that can offer large savings. Shipping with an experienced sea freight specialist is an affordable and safe way to deliver overseas shopping to your door.

Shipping from China to Australia with Shipporter

Importing from China to Australia

At Shipporter, we specialise in importing from China to Australia. By registering for a free Chinese mailing address through our website, you can begin shopping without the regular international boundaries. We then ship your purchases straight to your door! With the modern boom in online eCommerce, many Australians are seeing the benefit in waiting a little longer for their goods, and shipping by sea rather than air.

You can arrange low-cost shipping from China to Australia for virtually anything that fits into a shipping container, including car parts, furniture, large musical instruments, gym equipment and more – as long as it meets Chinese export laws and Australian import laws, you can ship it with Shipporter.

How does it work?

Shipporter is a simple-to-use service. We are able to manage the shipping process from the moment your goods land in our warehouse.

  1. Once you confirm shipping arrangements, your order is shipped from the retailer to our export warehouse in China, using existing domestic shipping methods (1-5 days)
  2. We look after the ocean freight shipping from China (6-7 weeks to Australia)
  3. We arrange customs clearance and delivery right to your door (2-7 days)

As soon as your purchase reaches our warehouse, you can track it online until the moment it arrives safely at your door. It’s the simple, low cost way to shop online in China.

Innovative shopping in China:

Shipporter has further overcome obstacles of buying from Chinese merchants through the innovative system of assisted buying. With assisted buying, you can purchase from retailers who do not work directly with Shipporter. Assisted buying permits Shipporter to do your shopping for you, and we can then import your goods from China to Australia. This service allows you to shop through Chinese retailers who do not permit international shipping or accept international forms of payment.

China Freight Forwarding Experts

Shipporter provides a breakthrough service for online shoppers, with a low-cost, trusted way to ship goods bought overseas to Australia.

While shipping from China to Australia is one of our core services, we also provide low cost shipping from the USA and the UK.

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