The Secret Way To Get Stuff From The US

December 4, 2014 - Posted By shipporter

We are proud to announce that US to OZ, our sea freight service partners based in the US, have been featured in the Sydney Morning Herald this week. “The Secret Way To Get Stuff From The US” reveals how US to OZ, US based and Australian owned, grew through Sarah Madigan’s frustration of wanting to mail items back to Australia after returning to the US.

US to OZ are an assisted buying service, they have partnered with Shipporter to bring you affordable items of all shapes and sizes direct from the United States!  Sarah works independently of Shipporter, making sure that your products are in stock and to specification before directing them to our warehouse.

On behalf of the team at Shipporter, congratulations Sarah and we are looking forward to another successful business year with US to OZ!

sea freight australia from us

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