Australian Consumer Advocacy Group ‘Choice’ performed an investigation into ShopMate and various US freight-forwarding services. The article titled Pass the parcel by Elisabeth Baulch focuses on resolving issues regarding a lack of postage options when US retailers are unable to ship products to Australia.

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We are pleased to say that our partner US to OZ is mentioned as one of the strongest service providers on the market. US to OZ is providing a wide range of free services like package consolidation and repackaging, where other companies are limiting those to members only. US to OZ is also mentioned as providing excellent customer service according to Choice readers:

“US to Oz is my go-to forwarder. I can’t fault the service. I particularly appreciate the free repacking service provided to cut down on shipping costs. I also love that it is Australian owned. A fantastic service.” – Joanna

On the other hand, the Australia Post service ShopMate has received criticism for charging consumers high shipping charges, along with slow delivery of items and missing packages during the transportation of goods.

Are freight-forwarding services the answer to consumers’ problems when it comes to international online shopping? Here at Shipporter, we think the answer is yes.

How we can help Shopmate customers:

  • Even if your orders are already stuck in the Shopmate system, our team can assist with a transition to Shipporter.
  • Shopmate often can’t move the freight due to weight and/or dimensions restrictions, but Shipporter can ship bulky and heavy items.

The only viable solution to the problems outlined in Choice are to wait a little bit longer to receive your order. Shipporter mitigates the issues experienced by Australian Shoppers wanting to buy products from the US by providing a cheap and reliable solution.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are unhappy with your current sea courier shipping service, we’re here to help. All you need to do is arrange transfer from Shopmate to the Shipporter warehouse in Inglewood CA 90303. Please use the below contact form for further assistance.