Whether at home or in the office, desk space always seems to be in short supply.

Fortunately, one of our customers, Carol, has created an ingenious solution to help you organise and give you back your desk.

Space Cube

A unique storage solution

The Space Cube combines five desk organisers into one, all in 40 x 23 cm. 

Made from environmentally-friendly 5mm bamboo, this clever organiser includes 10 compartments of various sizes, three paper trays and a vertical paper holder, business card and post-it note holder, and even a docking station for electronic devices.Space Cube Top View

Whether organising paperwork at the office, personal documents in your study or even craft supplies in your family room, the Space Cube is the perfect storage solution for you.

Say goodbye to clutter and uncover some much-needed breathing room!

How Shipporter helped

Shipporter collaborated with Carol and her supplier to organise the international shipping process, and ensured the quality materials required for her project were delivered straight to her door. Shipporter assisted Carol in receiving the shipment, processing goods for export, the ocean freight to Sydney, customs clearance as well as organising all documentation and port charges on both ends.  

All processes were completed through Shipporter’s easy to navigate online system, and Carol was able to seek advice form our team at any time during the shipment.

Shipporter were happy to take the stress out of Carol’s importing process, as we pride ourselves on making every transaction as easy as possible for our customers.


“I will continue to rely on Shipporter’s expertise to manage all my freight forwarding needs. [Shipporter is] the only forwarder I have found that manages the entire process while providing quality service at an exceptional price.” – Carol