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It’s easy to baulk at the idea of buying goods from the United States or United Kingdom due to the perceived high costs that are involved, but current trends would suggest that now is the time to buy those items that are difficult to find locally.

Less than a fortnight ago, the Australian Dollar reached a high of $0.81 USD (its highest value since May 2015), while two-year growth has seen the AUD go from buying 0.49GBP in February 2016 to over 0.56GBP in February 2018. While neither figure is close to the records set in 2011, the last 3-4 months have been a period of great stability for the Australian Dollar.
This steadiness, combined with easier-than-ever accessibility on US and UK-based websites means that it pays to shop around, especially when larger items (such as furniture, automotive parts, and appliances) can be marked up by over 50% locally.

While the AUD is currently trading strongly against its US and UK counterparts, this trend is predicted to fade as we head into Q2 2018.

Shipping costs are usually the most significant consideration when purchasing items from overseas, so if you’ve been putting off purchasing items that are either difficult to source or too expensive locally, our easy-to-use calculator can give you an accurate, competitive quote on importing these items.

Alternatively, to completely remove the hassle out of shopping online internationally, Shipporter also offers a door-to-door shopping service that includes our reliable sea courier shipping service.

Take advantage of the strong Australian Dollar in February to receive your goods by Easter!

International Freight Forwarding - Shipporter