Shipping IKEA from Australia to New Zealand

Shipping IKEA to New Zealand

Believe it or not, internationally renowned Swedish furniture manufacturer IKEA still has no presence in New Zealand. There’s certainly demand for an IKEA New Zealand, with large movements building to encourage the furniture giant to expand to the land of the long white cloud, but so far with little success.

All hope is not lost, however, thanks to Shipporter. Having developed ways to ship goods from Australia to New Zealand, we make it cheap and easy for any New Zealander to buy homewares and IKEA furniture online and deliver them directly to his or her home.

Buy IKEA Furniture in New Zealand (ship from Australia)

Have you ever been shopping online and found that perfect item, but the shipping cost exceeds the price? Worse, sometimes retailers don’t offer delivery to you at all, simply because of your location.

IKEA does not currently offer online shopping to New Zealand or online payments. Luckily, we’ve made it incredibly easy to ship your IKEA shopping from Australia to New Zealand. These are our simple steps to make sure your IKEA shopping can be bought in Australia and sent to New Zealand:

1.  Create your shopping list

Browse the online IKEA store with Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane as your preferred store to create a shopping list.

2. Purchase your items

If you know someone who is willing to visit the IKEA store to make your purchase, such as a friend or relative located in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane, send them the purchase list and arrange for them to visit the store in person.

If you do not know someone who can make the purchase on your behalf, contact the Shipporter team, who can direct you to a third party assisted buyer who can make the purchase for you (please note there are fees).

3. Pick, Pack & Deliver to the Shipporter Warehouse 

Ensure that the assisted buyer, friend or relative requests IKEA’s pick, pack and deliver service when ordering in-store.

Request that the IKEA pick, pack and deliver team sends your items to the relevant Shipporter export warehouse. We can confirm our delivery address and provide the necessary documentation to enable delivery once we know which city you are shopping in. From there, we can handle the international shipping.

4. We handle the rest

If you need a quote for the shipping before we ship internationally to you, simply email your IKEA shopping list to: with your New Zealand delivery address. We will respond with an accurate shipping estimate which includes pick-up, export documentation, port and handling charges, customs clearance and delivery to your door.

Shipping IKEA from Australia to New Zealand

What makes Shipporter ideal?

There are plenty of advantages to choosing Shipporter when shopping internationally.

Ship more items for less

Our unique capabilities mean that large items and furniture that would otherwise be extremely expensive to deliver can be shipped to you at a much cheaper rate.

For example, our minimum shipping size is up to 1 cubic metre of freight – a substantial amount of space, considering most IKEA products are flat-packed. With Shipporter, the shipping rate will cost USD$289.00 to deliver to Auckland from Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane – a significant saving compared to international air shipping. For delivery to Wellington and Christchurch metropolitan areas, this shipping rate is USD$325.00.

Because we bridge the gaps between customers and overseas retailers, we open up a whole new range of possibilities to you. This means you can remodel your whole lounge room or renovate your kitchen with IKEA’s stock, where previously you’d have had to make do with local options.

Enjoy convenience

We also make it easy to shop from the comfort of your home. With Shipporter, you’ve actually got an easier shopping experience buying IKEA furniture online than people who can visit an IKEA in person, because we help you get exactly what you want for the best price, and deliver it straight to your door.

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