Shipping from China to Your Door

Shipporter is expanding your shopping opportunities once again! Take advantage of our newest direct shipping solution and order online in China. We’ll take care of transporting your items, giving you the chance to shop hassle free from your favourite Chinese suppliers and online stores.

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Enjoy the freedom to shop through popular online platforms like Alibaba and AliExpress, and save some serious cash on both your purchases and shipment! Our latest international sea freight option is designed to give customers in Australia the chance to shop in China and save. It’s ideal for lightweight shipments including samples, bulky items or one-off purchases.

Don’t get hit with heavy costs for lightweight items and enjoy the best way to shop and ship from China!

How it works

Simply register with us online and select your free mailing address in Shenzen (South) or Shanghai (Central/Northern) areas. Once you’ve made your purchase, the Chinese supplier will send the order directly to your selected address. From here, we’ll take over and ensure your shipment clears customs and is delivered straight to your door.

We deliver to any postcode in Australia, as well as many other countries around the world!

How much will my order cost?

Shipporter offers the most cost-effective way to ship your items from China to Australia and beyond. The shipping rate includes handling in both countries, ocean freight, plus documentation and port charges on both ends. Pay for your order securely through PayPal, and shop with peace of mind in the comfort of your own home. You can easily calculate the cost of shipping your items with our online calculator tool.

How long will my order take?

You can expect to receive your package between 4-6 weeks after placing the order. Track your shipment here! While transit times are slightly longer in comparison to air freight, China to Australia shipping costs are significantly reduced through the use of ocean freight.

Start shopping today!

We’re making it even easier for customers to experience the international world of online shopping! If you’re ready to start shopping in China, sign up for your free mailing address here!