China offers some real bargains for Australian online shoppers. But the great prices are not much use if shipping it from China to Australia offsets the savings you made from buying in China in the first place.

Air freight is expensive but there is a way to make real savings: arrange shipping with an experienced sea freight specialist that can ship goods affordably to your door.

That’s exactly what our core business is at Shipporter. We specialise in importing from China to Australia and, with the boom in online eCommerce , many Australians are finding that it makes sense to wait a little longer and ship by sea rather than air.

You can arrange low-cost shipping from China to Australia for virtually anything that fits into a shipping container: this includes items like car parts, furniture, large musical instruments, and gym equipment.

How do we get your order from China to Australia?

Shipporter is a simple-to-use service. We are able to manage the shipping process from the moment your goods land in our warehouse.

  1. Once you confirm shipping arrangements, your order is shipped from the retailer to the our export warehouse in China, using existing domestic shipping methods (1-5 days)
  2. We look after the ocean freight shipping from China (3 weeks to Australia)
  3. We arrange customs clearance and delivery right to your door (2-7 days)

As soon as your purchase reaches our warehouse you can track it online, until the moment it arrives. It’s the low cost and stress-free way to get your Chinese purchases safely to your door.

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Shipporter provides a breakthrough service for online shoppers, with a low-cost, trusted way to ship goods bought overseas to Australia.

While shipping from Australia to the China is one of our core services, we also provide low cost shipping from the USA and the UK.

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