Looking for a straightforward, low-cost shipping system that allows you to obtain nearly any item for your business from retailers in the US, UK, European and Chinese traders?

Let Shipporter take the helm! Our expertise in moving products from overseas to your doorstep simplifies the uncertainty that often accompanies online shopping purchases from international vendors.

Sound like the service you’ve been searching for? Read on to find out how you can save on your overseas orders with Shipporter when you are purchasing in LCL (less than container load) by sharing a shipping container!

International Freight Forwarding for Business Customers

share shipping container

If you are a business that needs to import products from suppliers abroad, you may want to consider using a freight forwarder—although order delivery may take a little longer, the benefits are well worth the extra wait.

Shipporter is the number one choice for customers seeking a company to provide sea courier shipping services where online retailers refuse to ship to Australia, or the quote to do so is too high—which is often the case with bulky items like outdoor equipment or furniture.

The key advantages of freight forwarding include: door to door shipping, cost effectiveness and it is ultimately a time-saving method of moving goods from point A to point B.

Many businesses are frustrated by the high price of having goods delivered by air freight—if you are seeking an economic way to import merchandise into Australia from China, if you can fit your item in to a shipping container then Shipporter can ship it!

We’ll oversee the whole route and ensure that your goods arrive securely at their destination. Our team will organise clearance at customs and provide online tracking so you can view when your order arrives at our warehouse – this will take the stress out of waiting and wondering whether your items will turn up in one piece.

Container Sharing for a Cost Effective Shipping Method

You may also be a business looking to ship for LCL, or less than container load, and in this case, you can opt to share a container to save on the cost of shipping.

Shipporter has an effective and flexible system to arrange container sharing for business customers. We disclose a flat rate up front and take care of all formalities so that you can spend less time fretting about container freight rates and focus your efforts on more important things like your company!

For some businesses, shipping products is far from smooth sailing. As it is an area that many organisations struggle to navigate, some freight companies will take advantage of this and overcharge for what doesn’t need to be a costly process.

Shipporter is proud of being a transparent freight company, with a distinctive approach of full fee disclosure. We offer affordable and adaptable solutions to guide you through your international ocean freight needs.

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