There are a lot of hidden costs involved in importing goods from Europe, and for peace of mind, it’s best to plan well ahead to make sure your goods arrive safely and with minimal surprises. Many first time importers are shocked by how easily costs can spiral out of control.

Whether you’re planning to import from Europe, China or anywhere else in the world, it’s best to have a watertight plan for handling shipping costs. Here’s how you can plan ahead with imports to Australia and avoid any unforeseen costs!

importing goods from europe


Research and consider your options carefully

There are many options available for shipping your freight, offering varying degrees of control.

If you enter into a cost and freight agreement with your supplier, you will have no sway over which freight forwarder handles your goods. Ultimately, this means you lose control over the method and route your goods take to arrive in Australia, which can result in unforeseen costs.

Instead, make sure to opt for a free on board arrangement. This means your supplier will pay all costs to get your product to the ship. After that, you can choose which Australian freight forwarder will handle your goods, giving you more flexibility and control over costs.

Consider your timeline

If you have planned ahead and your shipment is not time-sensitive, consider a freight forwarding service such as Shipporter that specialises in less than container load sea shipping. This will make your shipping much more cost-effective.

Look for the cheapest importing service

Don’t get caught out with hefty cost and freight charges. Take control of how your goods will be imported.

At Shipporter, we offer a reliable and convenient shipping option that won’t break the bank. With our simplified tariff, there are no hidden extras, and our wealth of knowledge and experience means you can rest easy knowing your goods will arrive safely and at exactly the price quoted.

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