How to import products from China

With Shipporter the importing process for less than container load (LCL) shipping is simple:


  1. Check the shipping rate at our online shipping calculator here:
  2. When you’re ready to proceed register for your mailing address here:
  3. Use the mailing address when you process the order with the supplier
  4. When you complete the order please forward a copy of the supplier’s invoice, packing list, a contact person name for the supplier and confirm your business/delivery address (if different) and your ABN (if applicable)
  5. We’ll invoice you for the international shipping from the respective depot (Shenzen/Shanghai) when your shipment is checked in at the mailing address




Importing from China for Businesses


Frequently asked questions:


Importing from China Alibaba:

The Shipporter system is suitable for almost anything provided it fits in a shipping container and is not dangerous or hazardous – Alibaba can arrange domestic shipping within China to the nominated Shipporter depot and we take over the international shipping from the depot

Cheapest shipping from China:

With Shipporter, the shipping rate quoted (based on the information you provide) is what we will charge – no hidden extras – this enables you to forward plan in total confidence, estimate unit costs and provide quotes to your customers – our service includes origin/destination handling, documentation & port charges, ocean freight, customs clearance and delivery to your premises

Sea freight transit times:

The transit time for consolidation services from Shenzhen or Shanghai depot is 4 to 5 weeks – direct weekly services are available from all major Chinese ports

How to hire a Customs Broker:

The Shipporter service includes Customs clearance so you do not need to appoint a broker – we handle all Customs/quarantine processes on your behalf

Consolidating shipments from China:

This is a specialised service Shipporter can manage for you through our China agent – please contact us for specific details:

How to find a shipping agent in China:

Shipporter is based in Australia and operates in agreement with a major Chinese agent so we control the processes and extend our preferential rate agreements to you – the customer

Sea freight rates calculator:

If you know the packed weight & dimensions for your proposed shipment you can obtain an accurate shipping rate from our online shipping calculator – instantly:

Provided the information you enter is accurate, you can rely on the calculator output to be the amount you should expect to pay for your shipping.

How does shipping from China work:

Shipping terminology can be confusing which makes it difficult for customers new to sea freight shipping to identify exactly what is included in the shipping rate and to ensure there are no hidden extras.

For smaller shipments most Chinese suppliers will quote Ex Works terms which simply means that it is the customers responsibility to arrange shipping door to door. Through Shipporter’s consolidation service from Shenzen & Shanghai you can usually arrange with the supplier to have your shipment delivered to the depot under FCA terms which enables you access to the most cost effective sea freight shipping option.

The other common shipping option is under FOB terms which is typically for larger or high value orders when the supplier arranges delivery to the appropriate export depot and pays all origin charges

How much import tax will I pay importing from China:

If you’re located in Australia most commodities can be imported duty/tax free under the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement – GST will however apply if the suppliers invoice value exceeds AUD$1000 – there is no duty or GST if the invoice value is less than AUD$1000


Of course if you have any questions about the service or need assistance to confirm the shipping rate for your proposed shipment for the consolidation service, or for shipments under FOB terms please feel free to contact us at:

Please note that Shipporter also operates the same level of services for business and retail customers from the USA, Europe and the United Kingdom to Australia, Singapore and New Zealand