At last, IKEA has announced plans to launch an online retail store in Australia. Renowned for its flat pack furniture and affordable homewares, IKEA exclusively sells online in 13 countries worldwide. Unfortunately, IKEA still doesn’t have an online store or offer domestic shipping to New Zealand.

Shipping IKEA from Australia to New Zealand

Making the Ordering/Purchasing Process Easier

Are you living in New Zealand and looking for an easy and convenient way to shop IKEA’s products online?  Shipporter can help with cost-effective international shipping from Australia to New Zealand.

We make it incredibly easy to ship your Australian IKEA shopping to New Zealand, no matter how bulky the goods. Here are our four simple steps to order, purchase and ship your IKEA furniture:

  1. When browsing IKEA, select Logan, Queensland as your preferred store.
  2. Email the shopping list and your New Zealand delivery address to our team at We will work out the packed weight and dimensions for your order.
  3. Receive an accurate shipping estimate from Shipporter, including the cost of pick-up, export documentation, port and handling charges, customs clearance and delivery to your address in New Zealand.
  4. If you are unable to make the payment for the IKEA goods yourself, we recommend asking a friend in Australia (such as Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne) to make the purchase on your behalf to achieve cost savings. This is much cheaper than making a trip to Australia specifically to make the purchase or purchasing IKEA furniture while on holiday.
  5. If you are not able to make a purchase using the above methods, you can ask Shipporter to appoint an assisted buyer who will make the purchase on your behalf. They will liaise with us to arrange for the shipment to be delivered to our export warehouse, where it will be dispatched to your New Zealand address. Please note that this assisted buyer is independent of Shipporter and fees apply on application.

Other companies that don’t have a presence in New Zealand

There’s no need to stop at IKEA. With Shipporter, you can purchase lots of other great products that aren’t available in New Zealand and have them shipped cost-effectively to your home.

Searching for affordable yet stylish furniture for your home? Check out top Australian furniture stores like Freedom Furniture and Nick Scali for classic living room furniture. Scouting for cookware, cutlery and countertop appliances to enhance your kitchen? Sub Zero and Wolf offer neat kitchen tools and appliances, while E&S Trading are sure to please with their wide range of essential kitchen, bathroom and laundry white goods and accessories.

Purchasing all kinds and sizes of furniture is made simple with Shipporter’s international shipping from Australia to New Zealand.

Live in New Zealand? Contact Shipporter to start saving

Once you’ve found the best deals and stylish IKEA furniture to complement your home, get in touch with Shipporter to find out how we can help you save with cheap and reliable shipping.