Cash In On The Strong Aussie Dollar

Is there a good and a bad time to buy online from overseas merchants? Absolutely!  If you’ve been putting off buying your new freestanding cooker or kitchen appliances, now’s the time!

Shipporter - AUD to Surge Against GBP

Unlike traditional stores, our desire to shop online isn’t solely governed by discounts, promotions or special offers. When online shopping and purchasing from international stores, foreign exchange rates are unavoidable, and they can have a big impact on what you pay at the checkout. Smart shoppers are destined for a bargain when rates are followed closely.

It will come as no shock that the Australian Dollar has been relatively weak in recent times, leaving your wallet a little thinner than usual after shopping internationally. All savvy shoppers have fallen victim to thinking they’ve scored a deal, until converting the price to AUD and realising they’ve drawn the short straw yet again.

However, there is good news for online shoppers this week!

AUD set to surge against GBP!

A whirlwind week of politics in the UK has seen the GBP to AUD exchange rates crash significantly. This, alongside a positive boost in Australian employment data, means it’s an ideal time for Australians to buy online in the UK!

With the AUD is sitting strong against the GBP, it’s the perfect time to jump online and buy from your favourite UK retailers. It’s the best time to buy for businesses making bulk orders, and it’s also ideal for savings on big ticket items.

Major movements are forecast, and we recommend keeping a close eye on exchange rates so you can get the best deal!

Shop online hassle-free, finally feel confident with the exchange rate you’re receiving, and have your items shipped straight to your door at a fraction of the price of air freight!
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