If you love online shopping, especially the products that are offered on international websites, then you will know it is no easy feat to get products delivered to Australia. Between fluctuating exchange rates and the cost of shipping by air freight, international freight can cost a fortune.

Never fear, Shipporter can help. Whether you are an individual or own a business, we have a shipping solution that will work for you.

sea freight

Why sea freight is superior

If you’re on a budget and want to keep your shipping costs low, the sky high prices of international shipping via air freight may be hard to swallow. Sea freight is generally much cheaper (as much as four to six times cheaper). This is especially the case for businesses who need to transport huge masses of goods from one country to another. If you can plan ahead and don’t mind waiting a little longer to receive your shipment, it is definitely your best option.

Another important consideration for the environmentally-conscious consumer or business is that sea freight has a much smaller carbon footprint than air freight. While sea freight accounts for three percent of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions, this is nowhere near the level of impact that air freight makes on the environment. In fact, air freight emits a massive 545 grams of CO2 per tonne of cargo moved a kilometre, compared to just 15 grams a kilometre for sea freight.

In addition, sea freight shipping through Shipporter will make transactions much simpler, helping you avoid issues such as international websites rejecting Australian payment methods.

So don’t feel held back!

Shipporter is an Australian sea freight company that allows Australian customers to buy, ship, clear and deliver almost any product, big or small, from US, UK, Europe and China retailers. Unlike many other shipping companies, Shipporter can ship almost anything at low cost, so long as it fits within a shipping container. We specialise in cost-effective sea freight to keep online purchases and international shipping affordable for both individuals and businesses.