Are you looking for extra protection to ensure your international sea shipment arrives safely at your door? Are you also covered for delivery issues? One of the best ways to protect your shipment is to purchase using PayPal.

While sea freight is both secure and cost-effective as a means of international shipping, purchasing online can be a barrier for some. PayPal is a popular online payment system because of the many layers of protection it provides.

Benefits of Using PayPal for overseas purchases

Here are some of the reasons Shipporter use PayPal to protect buyers when purchasing from overseas.


Online payments through PayPal are instant. They are much faster than a cheque or bank transaction, meaning your order will be delivered to you much faster.


PayPal delivers a smooth user experience with quick, easy payments, convenience on the go from your mobile, the ability to pay for goods anywhere with an internet connection, and a simple signup process. In addition, using PayPal as a payment method allows customers to shop directly with US merchants rather than using an assisted buying service, which can be costly.


Best of all, PayPal sets the standard worldwide in online security. PayPal is renowned for providing 100% buyer protection with its money-back guarantee for online consumers. In the advent of a shipping problem, PayPal will offer you full recourse, so you can be sure you will not lose money should the unexpected happen. PayPal protection also guarantees 100% protection against unauthorised payments sent from your account.

Shipporter and PayPal

At Shipporter, we believe in offering our customers the very best service. This is why we have selected PayPal as our primary payment method. Using Shipporter and PayPal together ensures that your delivery and payment will be 100% secure and you will have a quality shipping experience, every time.

Sea shipping with Shipporter is cost-effective, reliable and affordable. We make shipping to Australia simple with our affordable shipping, strong customer service, online tracking and secure payment options. Shipporter can handle almost any order of any size or weight from any website or supplier in the US, UK or China.

With Shipporter, you can be secure in the knowledge that you will have a fixed international shipping rate with no hidden extras, be insured against all problems, and enjoy complete peace of mind with PayPal protection.

To get started with Shipporter’s secure PayPal service, simply follow the steps on our website.