Are you shopping for a new baby? Why not take advantage of the excellent deals available from online retailers? Many online stores in the USA and UK offer a wide range of baby products and nursery furniture – many of which are unique and unavailable in Australia. Best of all, shipping by sea is cost-effective and if you plan ahead, your orders will arrive with plenty of time to spare before your newborn joins the family.

baby crib through sea freight

How can I take advantage of cheap shipping?

Shipporter offers a simple, cost-effective way to import big or bulky nursery items like changing tables and cribs. If you don’t mind waiting just a week or two longer for your baby items to arrive, sea shipping from the US or UK to Australia is definitely worth it for the savings.

Sea shipping allows you to purchase multiple, bigger items and ship them in a single container. With Shipporter, you will be able to enjoy peace of mind with tracking and regular updates on the whereabouts of your shipment.

To find out how Shipporter can assist you with shipping your baby essentials from the US or UK to Australia, get in touch today.

Essential baby items that Shipporter can ship cost-effectively

If you’re looking for quality baby furniture but dissatisfied with the narrow range available in Australia, RH Baby & Child in the USA and UK is a great place to find unique, well-made items for your nursery.

Abileen Crib

(originally $1199 US, now $879 US on sale)

Choosing a crib that is safe, sturdy and comfortable is important. The Abileen crib is simple and modern with rounded corners to shelter little ones while they nod off to sleep.

Tufted Tub Chair Swivel Glider

($1199-$1549 US)

Help your baby drift off to sleep in your arms with this comfortable glider, designed to provide a full swinging motion that is very soothing.

Airin Spindle Changing Table

($649 US)

Changing tables are essential for keeping your little one clean and comfortable. This Airin Spindle changing table, inspired by vintage Swedish furniture, is simple and elegant with rich yet subtle details, including delicate wooden spindles and legs.

Jameson Dresser

($1349 US)

Perfect for storing all your important, need-to-reach baby essentials, such as your baby’s clothes and toys, the gorgeous Jameson dresser will last through all ages and still be going strong when your baby is all grown up.