Do you love to hunt for great deals on eBay? Do you get a thrill out of outsmarting the retail giants and snagging a unique second hand or brand new item for a quarter of its retail cost?

Incredible deals abound on eBay, especially if you’re casting your net wide and looking at worldwide retailers and resellers, but it can be disheartening to learn that the item that you’ve recently become infatuated with comes with a hefty shipping price tag.

Covering the costs of shipping from an international location can be incredibly expensive for the buyer, sometimes even cancelling out the savings you’ve gained from your clever bargain hunting. Fortunately, there are ways you can save on the costs of Ebay shipping to Australia from the US.

Our Favourite eBay Finds

Because eBay encompasses a huge range of sellers, all with different policies and locations, some international eBay vendors may not offer shipping to Australia or charge an expensive rate to do so.

shipping ebay to australia

For example, this rustic campfire fire pit would be an excellent choice for a barbecue on a patio or deck except the item’s seller, located in Saint Louis, Missouri, does not ship to Australia. Similarly, this upholstered armless chair would provide a great, retro-style pop of colour to a subdued study or lounge room, but shipping is restricted to within the United States. This problem can become even more complicated when the item is large or heavy, like this three-piece coffee table. This is where Shipporter can help.

How To Save on eBay Shipping to Australia

Shipporter provides cheap eBay shipping to Australia, making it much more cost-efficient for bulky purchases, and they even make it possible to receive that shipment from the US seller who won’t ship to Australia! Shipporter can handle multiple items for you at once. In fact, as long as your item or items fit inside an ocean freight container, you’re free to shop whatever eBay items you like. So how does it work?

The eBay seller will deliver your order to the Shipporter export warehouse using domestic shipping, and from there, Shipporter will handle the shipping, customs clearance and delivery to Australia. From the moment your order reaches the export warehouse, you will be able to track it online via Shipporter’s website.

So if you’re prepared to sit tight and don’t mind if your item arrives a little later (usually an average waiting period of 4 to 5 weeks), you’ll win on two counts: affordable item and affordable shipping!