Looking for great deals on designer goods and home products?

Increasingly Australians are turning to online shopping outlets like Overstock.com to find bargains for their home, but the hard part is always getting the goods to Australia. Air freight is expensive and many of the best deals are on bulky items like furniture and bedding that cost a fortune to ship – defeating the purpose.

With Shipporter you can buy from Overstock.com and ship to Australia by sea freight, affordably and safely. We can ship any items that fit into a sea freight container, so you are almost unlimited in scope. Many customers use us to ship smaller items from retailers that ordinarily only ship to Australia at a premium shipping rate.

How do we get your Overstock.com order to you?

Shipporter is easy to use:

  1. Your Overstock.com order is shipped to the Shipporter warehouse in the US using existing domestic shipping methods (1-5 days)
  2. We look after the ocean freight shipping (3-5 weeks to Australia)
  3. We arrange customs clearance and delivery right to your door (2-7 days)

You will find that the shipping process takes a little longer than by air freight but most customers are prepared to wait for their goods as long as they get to the door safely and at a reasonable cost.  You can start tracking your shipment from the moment it arrives in our US warehouse.

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Australian online shoppers ship their orders through us because we save them money and ensure safe transport of their goods right to their doors.

Overstock.com products can be shipped to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or elsewhere in Australia through Shipporter.

We also ship from other major retailers like Amazon, Pottery Barn, and Williams Sonoma and can import from the UK and China, as well as the US.


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