Australians have been placed at a disadvantage with online shopping because the likes of Amazon won’t ship to Australia – or at least the retailers on Amazon won’t ship here.

While online shopping has become increasingly attractive for Australians because of the potential cost savings to be made, we are handicapped both by retailers refusing to ship here and by the fact that, when they do, premium air freight rates apply.

However, there is a way you can get around the restrictions, buy from Amazon and still ship to Australia. You can use Shipporter.

We use sea freight, which keeps things affordable; moreover our network of overseas warehouses means your order can be delivered there. We then arrange the international shipping for you, reliably and at much lower cost than with air freight.

Any items that fit into a sea freight container can be shipped to your door. Now, when retailers say they don’t ship to Australia, you have the perfect solution.

How do we get your order to you?

Shipporter is simple to use:

  1. Your order is shipped to the Shipporter warehouse in the US using existing domestic shipping methods (1-5 days)
  2. We look after the ocean freight shipping (3-5 weeks to Australia)
  3. We arrange customs clearance and delivery right to your door (2-7 days)

Despite the shipping process taking a little longer, our customers are prepared to wait for the cost savings and reliability of our door-to-door service.  You can start tracking your shipment from the moment it arrives in our US warehouse until it reaches your home.

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Increasingly Australians are shipping their online orders through us from the US to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and elsewhere in Australia.

We ship from and other major retailers likeOverstock, Pottery Barn, and Restoration Warehouse and can import from the UK and China too.


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