Importing UK to Australia

Pound deteriorating against the AUD

Historically, Aussies have been intimidated by the British pound, with hopes of shipping UK goods to Australia dashed once they do the math and see the astronomical value of the pound compared to the Aussie dollar.

With the Brexit, that’s no longer the case. The value of the Australian dollar has risen sharply against the pound, making shopping online in UK stores a very exciting prospect for Aussies looking to scoop up a great deal.

With the value of the British pound deteriorating, now’s the perfect time to jump on sales and pick up that fancy British chandelier or washing machine you’ve had your eye on.

Importing from UK to Australia

Importing from the UK gives Australians a much wider range of options when it comes to home goods and decor, since the UK market is much larger.

Benefits of shipping from UK to Australia with Shipporter include:

  • Access to a greater range of products
  • Access to products not sold in Australia
  • Affordable shipping, no matter the size of the item
  • Peace of mind that your goods will arrive safely

What can I import?

From kitchen appliances and refrigerators to washing machines, many Aussies are taking the decline of the pound as an opportunity to stock up their homes with classic British white goods. Luckily, with Shipporter, shipping bulky items to Australia is easy and cost-effective.

To make the most of the decline, why not check out the amazing sales on offer from leading UK white goods and furniture retailers, such as Appliances Direct, Electrical Discount UK, World Stores UK and Furniture Village UK?

If you’re hunting for premium furniture worthy of the Queen, check out the members only, free-to-sign up-store Achica (which offers luxury goods at affordable prices), the stylish, modern furniture at Heal’s Furniture, and Fishpools Furniture Shop for authentic oak furniture.

How can I get started?

Shipporter’s new website home page is designed to make international shipping from the UK easy. When navigating our website, simply opt to get your free mailing address.

Happy online UK shopping!