Customer Success Story: sourcing Alfa Romeo parts globally

September 29, 2016 - Posted By shipporter

Alfa Romeo Car 4

Have you got an obsession for restoring classic cars? How about a love for sophisticated cars, complete with muscular lines and a throaty V8 engine?

You’re in good company. One of our valued customers, Derek from Brisbane, is resourcefully using Shipporter’s free mailing address service to make his dream of building an Alfa Romeo Montreal come true. Derek’s current restoration project involves scouring the globe to locate the very best car parts to construct the classic car.

How Shipporter helped

Shipping bulky car parts can be expensive, especially by air, so Derek turned to us to help him ship car parts cost-effectively from global destinations to Australia.

Recently, Derek discovered the perfect addition to his car. Only one problem – the item was located in Spain and onlyshipped to anywhere in Europe, not Australia!

Our mailing address service allowed Derek to sign up for a free UK mailing address. This meant the Spain eBay seller could ship directly to the UK address. From there, Shipporter handled the rest of the delivery process – saving Derek lots of money and helping him seize a great opportunity he would have otherwise missed!

Alfa Romeo Car 2


“The Montreal restoration has basically been a lot of parts collecting up until this point. I am pleased to say I pretty much have everything now. Things like doors from Austria, seats from Holland etc. Crazy.” – Derek

Alfa Romeo Car 1

How you can use an overseas mailing address

If you’re lusting after a beautiful car part for a classic car, or even a piece of heavy furniture that’s located across the globe in the US, UK or Europe, we can help.

Simply sign up for a free mailing address in USA, UK or Europe on our website using our simple-to-use form. Once you’ve received confirmation from us, add the item to your online shopping cart, make the purchase, and let the seller know to ship to the overseas shipping address we give you. Happy shopping!

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