Your Guide to Shipping From USA To Australia

March 7, 2016 - Posted By shipporter

Are you a US online retailer, seeking a cost effective and simple way to ship to international customers? Do you receive shipping enquiries from Australians but find you have no way to affordably deliver your goods across the globe? Would you like to boost your sales by offering online customers affordable shipping to Australia?

Whether you’re a large national retailer, a small US boutique or an eBay seller, we can help you create a better shopping experience for your Australian customers.

Your Step By Step Guide to Shipping from the US to Australia

USA to Australia

For US Online Retailers

If you’re a US seller, offering shipping through Shipporter is a great way to reach new customers in Australia and Singapore. Because our sea shipping service is simple and cost-effective for shipping bulky or heavy products internationally, this will allow you to sell your entire product range to Australian and Singaporean customers.

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Step 1 – Meeting Australian custom laws

First, ask your customer to evaluate whether the items you’re intending to ship meet Australia’s custom laws. This will ensure your item will clear customs and can enter the country.

Step 2 – Check the size of your item

Second, what is the size of the item you’re selling?

If your item is too bulky for air shipping, sea shipping might be just the perfect solution for you. Sea shipping also makes shipping multiple smaller items much more cost effective by bundling them together. If you are shipping a larger item or many large items, this is a great way to pass the savings onto your customers.

Step 3 – Choose a shipping method

Decide how you would like to ship. Popular shipping options include air shipping and sea shipping.

Shipping from America to Australia by air can be faster but much more expensive. In contrast, sea shipping may take a little longer, but it is much more cost-effective, especially for larger or multiple items. Sea shipping is affordable, secure and convenient with a small environmental footprint.

How sea shipping works

With Shipporter, sea shipping is simple and convenient. We handle the whole process for you. Here’s how it works:

You, the US merchant, ship to our address in the US. Your customer’s package will arrive at our warehouse within 1-5 days. From there, we will keep the package safe in our warehouse until we are ready to ship.

When the next opportunity arises in 1-7 days, we will arrange for your customer’s package to ship to Australia. This will arrive in Australia within 30 days, and be delivered to your customer’s door within 2-7 days.

This is ideal for individuals and businesses who don’t mind waiting a little extra time for their purchased goods to arrive at their door, while enjoying a much cheaper, secure, environmentally friendly and convenient choice. Best of all, with Shipporter, there are no hidden fees!

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