Travellers: An Awesome Way To Buy and Ship Goods Home

November 22, 2016 - Posted By shipporter

travellers way to buy and ship goods home

Shipporter now offer a simple, affordable shipping solution, perfect for international travellers who are keen on picking up awesome and unique goods during their travels.

It happens all the time. Here you are, enjoying your travel adventure and having the time of your life. You spot something you’d love to buy in a cool shop or a market, but with a sigh, you leave it behind because a) it won’t fit into your suitcase and b) there’s no simple solution to get the item shipped home.

Lots of travellers run into this frustration. Luckily, there’s no need to go through a lengthy or expensive process to get your cool overseas purchase shipped home – even if it’s heavy and bulky, or there are a lot of them!

Here are a few of the benefits of shipping from overseas to Australia with Shipporter.

Affordable and convenient

Our shipping is incredibly cost-effective and there’s almost no limit on the size and weight of what you can ship.

Have you come across multiple items you’d like to buy? As long as your order fits inside one of our very spacious sea shipping containers, we can ship it home for you.

Super simple and streamlined

We now offer the ability to get your very own mailing address in another country. Whether you’re looking to ship to Australia from the USA, UK or Europe, our solution is adaptable to suit your travelling destination.

Simply register for your free mailing address:

Register for Free Mailing Address

This streamlines the shipping process and makes it so much simpler to get your goods shipped back to Australia.

Easy to set up on the go

Using Shipporter’s international shipping service is easy. You can start the process any time before, during or even after the trip, simply by logging in to our website. All you need is access to the internet.

Note: the Shipporter service is NOT suitable for used personal effects.

To find out more about how we can help you ship goods cost-effectively from the USA or overseas to Australia, get in touch with the team at Shipporter today.

Happy travels!

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