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Shopping online? Ship with Shipporter

Shipping is often the major consideration when purchasing online from international websites. International Shipping can be challenging for both retail & business customers but it doesn’t have to be. Most online retailers only offer international shipping by air which can make purchases unviable, so it’s worth taking the time to research alternative shipping options by sea if you’ve got the time to wait. Shipporter is a reputable shipping service based in Australia catering to customers who are purchasing retail or commercial goods from US, China, Europe and the UK.

Why use Shipporter?

  • The seller won’t accept your Australian payment method.
  • The products are not available in Australia.
  • Some merchants/suppliers do not allow shipping to Australia
  • The products are cheaper in the US, UK or China.
  • It is not cost effective to ship the products by air.
  • The products are too large or heavy to ship by air.

Shipporter offers a cost effective sea courier shipping service which enables Australian shoppers to take advantage of cheaper pricing from international online websites or suppliers.

Delivering our promise

At Shipporter, we are committed to providing cost effective, flexible and reliable shipping services based on our expertise, skills, knowledge and resources. We establish long-term partnerships with our customers by meeting their specific needs.

Online shoppers can take advantage of cheap shipping, online tracking and secure payment options, secure in the knowledge that they have a fixed international shipping rate with no hidden extras. Shipporter’s sea courier shipping service is unique.

Shop the world

Shipporter can handle almost any order, any size, any weight from almost any website or supplier and you can access Shipporter from the comfort of your home. If you need assistance with a purchase you can also access our skilled assisted buyers in the USA, China & Europe.

Providing unusual and outstanding solutions

Don’t let that sale price pass you buy just because the product you want to buy is heavy or bulky. Provided that your order fits in a shipping container we can probably handle it so it’s time to start thinking big when you’re shopping online at international websites.

Online Shopping from Australia

More Australians are shipping online now than ever before and they’re becoming more demanding and adventurous in what they want to buy. Online shopping is the easiest way to search for products, compare prices and specifications, and make a purchase.  Many merchants from US, China and UK already offer shipping to Australia with Shipporter however if you want to purchase from a store that does not provide this service, we have a feature called “assisted buying” to make your purchase possible. Just give us the details, and we will do the work for you.

If you want a detailed explanation of how we operate please to check our FAQ page: https://www.shipporter.com/shoppers/frequently-asked-questions If you can’t find the answers you are looking for, please visit our Contact Us page and email your enquiry.