How It Works

Merchants use existing domestic shipping methods to ship the order to the Shipporter export warehouse in Inglewood, CA 90303 or Brooklyn NY 11230 (for USA), Rainham, Essex (for UK/Europe) or any of five export depots (for China)

Shipporter is a sea courier shipping service which includes: origin/destination port & handling charges, insurance (up to AUD$50000), ocean freight, customs clearance at destination and delivery to your customers door (any Australian postcode).

When your order reaches our export warehouse you can track it online at our website.

You can ship almost anything with Shipporter provided it fits in a sea freight container. Please refer to the FAQ’s section of the website for additional information on what is suitable for Shipporter service.

Shipporter uses ocean freight so it takes longer than the express delivery shipping options you normally offer. The average transit time from the USA to East coast major cities in Australia is 4 to 5 weeks (from Inglewood) or 7 to 8 weeks (from Brooklyn)and to West coast and country slightly longer.

Use the Shipporter online Calculator to get an instant quote to ship the item the customer wants to buy.

You can elect to pay the shipping cost or have it charged to the customer.

Shipporter can handle bulky/heavy items which, until now, you were unable to ship. We also provide an extremely cost effective shipping alternative for smaller items when your customer is not in a hurry.

Shipporter is designed to complement your existing express shipping options and to help you increase sales.

Merchants can join free – there’s no cost to get you started and you can start shipping immediately. The entire process takes a few minutes.

When the order arrives at the Shipporter export depot we handle the shipping, customs clearance at destination and delivery to your customer’s door.

Sea freight forwarding can be a complex and time consuming process so Shipporter eliminates the issues usually associated with sea freight forwarding. All international shipping documentation requirements are handled online through our website including: shipping consignment note, packing list , packaging declaration and even free trade agreements!

As your relationship with Shipporter grows we have various levels of integration available to you to further automate the shipping process.

Insurance is optional and rates are available on request. See the insurance terms here

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