Frequently Asked Questions
All orders are allocated a unique consignment note # by the system. The status of orders is updated at various points whilst the order is in transit to its destination with Shipporter. Our system requires the export & import agents to update status at various critical points and this information is available to you via our tracking option.  At certain stages our system will also email you automatically with a status update.

Yes – you can download the interface including shipping calculator, transit times & associated icons from our website (password access enabled after approval by Shipporter). Shipporter also offers a fully integrated package which enables the Retailer to automate shipping and other documentation. Please contact us for details.

Shipporter can ship almost anything to anywhere however some items are prohibited including:
Perishable goods
Tabaco and arms
Food and beverages
Live animals
Spray cans or products that damage the ozone layer
Explosives and munitions
Toxic substances
Chemical substances
Animal skins and animal products
Medicine, drugs, narcotics
Any item with alcohol as a main ingredient
Fireworks or gunpowder
Cleaning supplies
Gas, tear gas, or pepper spray
Lighters and/or matches
Batteries containing chemical products
Pressure containers
Tools that operate with gas
Used goods
Personal effects

For more information on restricted/prohibited goods to Australia please visit:

Shipporter services use sea freight so the documentary requirements differ from air freight services. As a minimum the Retailer (shipper) is required to provide the following documents with each shipment/order:

Shipping consignment note (automatically produced by the Shipporter website) – this document is printed by the Retailer and attached securely to the package

Commercial Invoice – scan & upload your original invoice to the Shipporter system

Packing List  - the Shipporter system creates this document for you automatically from data entered to create the shipping consignment note

Packaging Declaration – this document is also created by the Shipporter system based on data entry by the Retailer. It is required for quarantine purposes and describes the nature of the packaging used with the shipment/order. See:

Free Trade Agreement Declaration – some countries offer reduced or zero duty rates for goods imported from participating partner countries. This document is created by the Shipporter system based on data entry by the Retailer

If the order value exceeds $2500.00 the exporter is required to report the transacation to the US Government. The notification process is handled by an export declaration which is normally completed and lodged by the exporter however in the event that the exporter is unable to lodge the declaration itself, Shipporter will handle the process on behalf of the exporter.

In order to do this without additional reference to the exporter, we collect the exporters Tax ID# when the Retailer joins Shipporter and our standard Terms & Conditions allows for Power of Attorney for Shipporter to act on behalf of the exporter in this respect.

If the commercial invoice value is less than A$1000 then Australian Customs will not assess the item for duty and there is no tax (GST). The value is assessed based on the exchange rate which existed on the date the shipment/order was exported from the origin country.

Shipporter works with PayPal for the payment of shipping charges. There are three payment options: Retailer to Pay Now (for low volume users when the Retailer has collected the shipping fee from the Customer), Retailer to Pay Later (for high volume users when the Retailer has collected the shipping fee from the Customer) and Customer to Pay (when the Retailer has NOT collected the shipping charges from the Customer).

Shipporter uses ocean freight transport – not airfreight – so the transit times are longer than couriers who use airfreight. The transit time will also depend upon the origin & destination. We are currently experiencing transit times of 5 to 6 weeks for US-Australia shipments.
It is the Retailers responsibility to ensure that orders are adequately packed with appropriate packaging materials. Where possible large/bulky/heavy items should be crated & palletized. Inadequately packed orders, or orders with damaged packaging arriving at the Shipporter export warehouse will be held pending re-packing at the Retailers expense. Shipporter uses ocean freight and all shipments/orders are consolidated with orders from other Retailers and packed into seafreight shipping containers. Whilst all care is taken to ensure that the cargo is packed safely & securely in the container there are many factors external to Shipporter which can impact on the cargo whilst in transit.

The shipping rate includes Automatic Transit Cover up to USD$200.00 per shipment. Additional insurance cover is avaliable through our insurance broker (additional costs apply and a policy excess of AUD$250.00 per claim applies) or the customer may elect to insure thorugh a third party.

Please note that marine insurance will not cover loss or damage due to insufficient or inadequate packaging. It is the Retailers responsibility to ensure that orders are adequately packed with appropriate packaging materials. Where possible large/bulky/heavy items should be crated & palletized.

Retailers are required to use existing domestic transport carriers to deliver the shipment/order to the Shipporter export warehouse. The address of the Shipporter export warehouse is automatically included on the Shipporter shipping consignment note which the Retailer attaches to the packaging. This is the delivery address the Retailer uses on its domestic carriers consignment note/shipping label. Unless agreed in advance Shipporter does NOT collect shipments/orders from Retailers.

No - customs duties & taxes (if any) are not included in the door-to-door shipping price. Before the order arrives at the destination our customs department will calculate the cost of customs duties & taxes and then notify your customer for payment of these charges. Our online Shipping Calculator provides an estimate of the customs duties & taxes.

The Shipporter shipping rate covers customs clearance for up to three different tariff classifications invoiced in the same consignment. Additional tariff classifications thereafter which are invoiced in the same consignment will be charged at A$10.00 per tariff classification thereafter. The receiver will be invoiced for the additional customs clearance costs.

The Shipporter Calculator always assumes that the item is subject to duty. If a duty concession applies to the item under a Free Trade Agreement or other concession, then it is contingent upon the Retailer to provide Shipporter with the correct documentation to support the duty concession and the claiming thereof.

The Shipporter system will automatically produce a Free Trade Declaration for US manufactured goods based on data input by the Retailer. Additional documentation to support a duty concession may be uploaded by the Retailer when the order is processed.

International shipping can be complicated and confusing for a Retailer that's why we've developed an online shipping solution that eliminates these issues.

In fact with Shipporter you only need upload your invoice in our system and complete some simple data entry about the customer and the customer's order. You then ship the order with your existing domestic carrier to our export warehouse and we take over from there.

We offer a "Customer to Pay" option so you don't even have to worry about paying the international shipping costs.

As far as you're concerned it's a domestic shipment!

Shipporter uses ocean freight and all orders are packed in sea freight containers.

The maximum dimensions for any single package are:

2.1m x 2.1m x 5.8m