Shipping Your Order With Etsy in Australia

March 30, 2015 - Posted By shipporter

Are you a vintage homewares junkie who loves to occasionally splurge online?

Do you often find that the item can’t be shipped to Australia, or you’ll have to pay a small fortune to do so?

Etsy is a marketplace specialised in all things handmade and vintage or unique goods. If you have already been on Etsy’s website, you know how hard it is to resist to the temptation of looking at their beautiful pieces of furniture or homeware all night long. It’s also heart breaking when you realise that the shipping fees are way too expensive for your budge or worse, that the seller doesn’t ship to Australia.

Shipporter provides a sea freight service that lets you save money on those bulkier purchases. We offer to ship, clear and deliver almost any product from retailers in the US, UK, Europe and China.

What can I find on Etsy?

Because Etsy is a multivendor platform where shipping rules and fees might be different for each seller, some retailers within the site might not ship to Australia or may charge an expensive rate for this service.

Many online shoppers may think twice about proceeding with an online purchase when they discover that the item is too heavy or expensive to justify shipping it to their suburb.

Shipporter can help deliver your order of that one-of-a-kind piece you’ve spent months searching for.

For example, this sturdy, handmade hammy would be a great addition to an Aussie veranda but Plywood Office won’t ship the item to Australia, which is where Shipporter steps in.

etsy shipping to australia

You may also be after a one-off item of furniture to add distinctive décor to your home. Something like this reclaimed barn wood bench and shelf set would be a perfect pick, except that the retailer only ships to the United States.

The problem you encounter might not be that the company doesn’t ship to Australia but that the item is unwieldy and you don’t wish to pay too much in delivery fees, given that it is already a costly product, as would be the case with thisstriking oak tripod lamp stand.

etsy shipping to australia

Shipping my Etsy order to Australia

Shipporter can help make Etsy shipping to Australia from overseas more cost efficient than regular sellers and can also ship multiple items.

If you’re willing to wait a little longer for your delivery to arrive than you would with express shipping and your selection does not exceed the size of a shipping container, we’ll ensure that you’re not charged an unnecessarily high price and make sure that your order arrives right at your door.

Don’t hold off snapping up those perfect purchases any longer—talk to us today!

Shipporter can make a world of difference to your online shopping experience and help deliver the goods you want for an affordable price, with a delivery service you can depend on.

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