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January 5, 2016 - Posted By shipporter

What You Need to Know About Shipping Antiques and Collectables from USA to Australia

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Hunting on eBay for antique treasures or home decor can be rewarding and a lot of fun. After all, who can resist beautiful antiques and artworks from around the globe? But what can you do when you find a lovely piece of art that would be perfect in your home, but the seller won’t ship to Australia?

We’ve heard this story many times at Shipporter, but luckily we can help.


Whether you’re looking to ship antiques and collectables from a US store, or want to shop at a specialist site located in America such as Anthropologie or Joss & Main, Shipporter can help you save money on shipping to Australia and even make what seems like an impossible shipping situation possible.

Advantages of Shipping Your US Antiques/Collectables To Australia By Sea


How it works


There are many advantages to international sea shipping from America to Australia. If you’re looking for a shipping option that is affordable and environmentally friendly, and don’t mind waiting a little extra time to receive your shipment, shipping by sea might be for you.

Cost Effective

Sea shipping from US to Australia is much more cost effective than air shipping, especially for heavy goods.

If keeping the costs down is a priority for you, or you’re shipping medium to large items in bulk (for example, you own a business that is looking to sell antiques in Australia), sea shipping will make your shipping costs more economical.


Sea shipping is safer for large items and can reduce the chances of damage in transit. Because the height of most shipping containers is usually around 2.5 metres, tall items like an antique wardrobe can easily stand upright inside a sea shipping container.

For cost-conscious customers shipping heavy items, sea shipping is a great option because it provides a secure way to transport large furniture at a lower price.

Small Environmental Footprint

Keen to reduce the impact your online shopping has on the environment? Sea shipping from US to Australia is an excellent option for the environmentally conscious consumer as it creates a much smaller carbon footprint than transporting by air.

What’s the environmental difference between air shipping and sea shipping? A 2014 Defra study found that two tonnes of freight carried for 5,000km by a small container ship created 150kg of CO2e, compared to a staggering 6,605kg of CO2e if that freight were carried by an airplane for the same distance.


If you choose to ship with Shipporter, we can take the hassle out of international shipping for you. Not only can we ship your package from the USA to Australia at an affordable rate, we can pick up your package from your US supplier, transport it to our own warehouse, and if requested, re-pack your item so that it can be more easily shipped.

If you require assistance or have any questions, Shipporter is here to help. We want to ensure you have the best shipping experience possible.



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