Sears USA Now Shipping to Australia

March 6, 2018 - Posted By shipporter

Sears now shipping to Australia - Shipporter

United States department store chain, Sears, is now offering its products to Australian consumers online. The retail conglomerate behind the American Kmart, Wallmart, JC Penny, and Lowes have announced they will now be shipping products 68kgs and under to Australian customers.

While the change presents more options to consumers here in Australia, the product choice remains severely restricted as a result of this shipping weight limit. For Australian shoppers looking to purchase larger items from the Sears chain, Shipporter provides a welcome solution. As a sea courier service, Shipporter enables Australian customers to purchase any product of any size on the Sears website (excluding dangerous/hazardous goods) for an affordable price thanks to its unique shipping method.

In a nutshell, Shipporter acts as the middle man for your delivery, receiving it from the US merchant at the US Shipporter warehouse where it is then shipped to you by sea and delivered to your door. With full tracking available on deliveries, find out more about how Shipporter’s delivering services today and enjoy the full benefits of shopping overseas online.



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