Importing Tyres from the US to Australia

August 19, 2016 - Posted By shipporter

Importing Tyres from USA to Australia

Are you looking to equip your vehicle with sturdy, well-made tyres that will last for many years? If you are sticking to a tight budget, you may find that buying tyres locally can cost a fortune.

In that case, your best option may be to import your tyres rather than buy them locally. Even after duty taxes and GST, tyres can be much less expensive when imported to Australia from the US.

We’ll show you how you can get a great deal on tyres by purchasing online and shipping from the US to Australia.

Our Recommended Supplier

If you’re looking for tyres to fit your motor vehicle at an affordable price, we highly recommend Tire Rack. A trusted US supplier of genuine tyres, they can dispatch your tyres quickly to the Shipporter warehouse in the United States.

With Shipporter, buying tyres from Tire Rack and having them shipped cost-effectively to Australia is a very simple process, and a great way to save money when you upgrade your car parts.

Getting Started

We make it incredibly easy to ship all of your car parts, including tyres, wheels and accessories, from the US to Australia. There are virtually no restrictions on the size or bulk of your order. So long as your goods fit within a large sea shipping container, we can ship it at a cost-effective price.

Here are our five simple steps to order, purchase and ship your tyres by registering for a free US mailing address:

  1. Browse the Tire Rack online store to find your preferred tyre to suit your vehicle make.
  2. Visit the Shipporter website and select the ‘free US mailing address’ option.
  3. Once you have been given your new US mailing address, complete the purchase on the Tire Rack website and inform Tire Rack that you would like your order shipped to your US mailing address.
  4. We will notify you when your shipment is dispatched to your Australian address.
  5. Wait three to four weeks for your brand new tyres to arrive, cheaper than the cost you’d pay for new tyres at home.

That’s it – that’s all you need to do to ship from the US to Australia and get a great deal on what can be a very expensive car part. Enjoy planning your next car upgrade!

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