Grumpy’s Metal Shipping from USA to Australia with Shipporter

April 12, 2018 - Posted By shipporter

Based in Southern California, Grumpy’s Metal is a sheet metal shop that specialises in producing parts for Volkswagen restorations, especially Kombi’s. With over 20 years’ experience, they make all their dyes and parts in house to ensure the quality is up to their high standards.

Volkswagen Kombi

As their reputation for quality has grown, Grumpy’s Metal have opened two distributors in Europe but are still in the process of forming a partnership in Australia. As that collaboration develops, Australian customers have been faced with the typically expensive shipping costs of ordering VW parts from the overseas retailer. Thankfully, Shipporter has been working closely with Grumpy’s Metal to ensure Australian customers do not miss out on exception VW Kombi parts due to steep shipping costs.

As a preferred overeseas shipping route for Grumpy’s Metal, Shipporter maintains a strong relationship with the manufacturer and allows Australian customers to order VW Kombi parts without the expensive freight costs.

Shipporter can do this because of it’s unique system of delivery which essentially lets us act as the middle man for your delivery. First receiving it from Grumpy’s Metal at the US Shipporter warehouse before shipping it by sea and delivering it to your door. With full tracking available on deliveries, learn more about Shipporter’s delivery services today and shop the full range overseas retailers thanks to low cost shipping rates.

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