Blog to block Australian shoppers due to GST law changes. Think again…

June 23, 2018 - Posted By shipporter

How to buy on Amazon US from Australia

Resourceful Australian online shoppers will no doubt find ways to overcome this issue. Our US based assisted buyer has been working with Australian shoppers for a number of years providing access to millions of products at competitive prices.

Contact US to OZ to find out how you can continue to shop from –

Buy from Amazon US in Australia

How to shop on from Australia

Just because Amazon are blocking Australians from their U.S. sites, it doesn’t mean ‘game over’ for savvy shoppers. Shipporter’s Assisted Buying service allows consumers who know how to continue accessing, to still make purchases from the site and have them delivered to Australia.  It’s as easy as buying the goods in the U.S., having them shipped internationally at an unbeatable rate via Shipporter’s sea freight shipping routes and still getting great prices on products that would otherwise be overly expensive or unavailable in Australia.

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