Amazon Bulk Selling: Shipping of Amazon Products to Sell in Australia

August 26, 2019 - Posted By shipporter

Shipporter is pleased to announce a new arrangement for bulk shipping orders from overseas to Australian-based Amazon warehouses. We have reached a new agreement with our delivery contractor for Amazon which enables us to handle deliveries seamlessly using flat rate shipping. This change will greatly improve delivery times and schedules for customers using Amazon Australia to sell their products.

What does this mean for your existing business?

Many of our clients buy products or wish to buy from China, sell on Amazon in Australia. Until recently, we were unable to offer timed deliveries. This was a consequence of Amazon’s shipping and delivery model where deliveries to Amazon’s Sydney and Melbourne warehouses required pre-booking. Deliveries that were not pre-booked were rejected and the delivery time needed to be rescheduled. This caused delays in the arrival of goods for Australian businesses importing products from overseas for sale on the Australian market.

Obviously, the previous model caused frustration for Amazon bulk selling businesses. Delays in delivery times to the Amazon warehouses meant delays in dispatching products to customers. Our new agreement allows us to schedule timed deliveries with our usual flat rates for shipping.

These changes will benefit your business with greater control over arrival times for imported goods, which translates into quicker dispatch times to your customers, and an improved ability to predict when your products will arrive at your online customers’ addresses. This means happy customers and less time spent dealing with enquiries regarding the late arrival of goods: sounds like a win-win situation!

Thinking of starting a new business?

Selling on Amazon Australia is a great way to start a business. It’s an internationally renowned online shopping site, so it’s easy to attract customers to your new business. Our new shipping and delivery options will enable you to streamline orders and delivery to your customers. There is a huge range of products available for sale through Amazon. You can choose from existing products or buy products in bulk from overseas to list and sell online through Amazon Australia.

If you need help getting started, we can assist with setting up a mailing address in the country of your choice. This provides a local address where goods can be delivered prior to shipment to Australia. We can also assist with online shopping for your selected products.

Flat rate shipping

There are no additional costs involved with this new seamless delivery process. Our normal flat rate shipping rates will apply. You can reduce your costs if you purchase your goods from a Merchant that offers free domestic shipping. The goods will then be transported to our warehouse in the country of purchase free of cost. The usual transit times for ocean freight will apply.

Remember, our flat rate shipping includes all costs and services associated with loading, transporting and off-loading your goods. Duties and taxes (GST) are not included in the cost, the Australian customs department will contact you regarding these charges. You can shop at any Merchant and once your goods arrive at our warehouse you can track their progress online. As usual, you can leave the logistics to us.

Amazon warehouses

Our new arrangement applies only to deliveries to the Amazon warehouses in Sydney and Melbourne. All other deliveries can be handled as previously through our online portal, with shipping rates calculated using our online calculators.

How do I take advantage of this new arrangement?

As this arrangement only applies to deliveries to the Amazon warehouses in Sydney and Melbourne, the rates are not available through our online shipping calculator. For enquiries and prices, please send an email detailing your requirements to our quotes department. We will be happy to assist you in a timely manner.

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